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A very "cheeky" can...

In the wacky world of 2023, Peachy Drinks burst onto the scene, courtesy of the arguably-genius duo George Dovellos and Rory Kennedy. Their master plan? To give the drinks industry in Australia a spanking makeover… They noticed a hole in the market that needed filling, a gap where the silly and fun-natured side of the alcohol industry could shine. And so, with a mischievous twinkle in their eyes, George and Rory birthed Peachy As Seltzer, the holy grail of their beverage empire.


Peachy As seltzer and all things Peachy Drinks are the epitome of fun. They're like that hilarious friend who always knows how to make you laugh until your sides ache. These drinks aren't just meant for solo sipping; oh no, they're here to ignite social connections and obliterate the seriousness that haunts public gatherings. Their secret mission is to help humanity rediscover its "funny-bone" and inject laughter into every nook and cranny of life.


George and Rory firmly believe that joy and amusement are the secret sauce to happiness in this topsy-turvy world. And let's face it, life moves faster than a cheetah on roller skates, leaving us with little time for simple pleasures. But fear not! They're here to remind us to slow down, crack a smile, and indulge in the sweet nectar of merriment.


So, my friends, seize the day! Grab a buddy, snag a Peachy As seltzer, and raise your glasses to life's absurdity. We're all just passing through on this wild ride, so we might as well milk every ounce of enjoyment out of it while we can.


Cheers to that!

An excerpt from Peachy Pete's Autobiography

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