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  • Where can I drink Peachy As Seltzer?
    In Summer 2023, Peachy As Seltzer will be available to drink for the first time in the following venues: - The London Hotel 1875, Paddington, Sydney, NSW - The Phoenix Hotel, Woollahra, Sydney, NSW - China Diner - (Bondi, Double Bay & Tramsheds), Sydney, NSW - Pontoon Bar, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW
  • Can I buy Peachy As Seltzer in cans?
    Yes! Peachy As Seltzer is available from supporting bottle shops which include: - Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop
  • What is in a Peachy As Seltzer?
    Peachy As seltzer is a peach flavoured alcoholic-hard seltzer that contains 1.2 standard drinks in each 375ml can serving. Peachy As prides itself on its "non-artificial" flavouring that isn't sweet like a lot of the other products on the market.
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